The 2017 Trinitas Art contest winners were announced at morning meeting Friday, May 12th.  The recipients in the categories of painting, sculpture, photography, and drawing are listed below.  The Best of Show award went to Miss Abigail Tenniswood for her “Finger Fish”.  After seeing paintings by Iris Scott in New York City, she was inspired to complete an oil painting using her fingers in lieu of a paint brush.  Other winners, Tim Parsley and Bryce Barnes who won 3rd place in the painting category, also mimicked a beloved artist, Jackson Pollock.  Mr. Pollock was the inspiration for Mr. Parsley’s senior thesis and his attempt to replicate his work was well received.

Photography: K5-6th Grade
1st: Claire Hadding “Time Watching”
2nd: Grace Tenniswood “The Barracks of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico”
3rd: Hannah MacDonald “Jase”
Photography: 7th-12th Grade
1st: Abigail Hadding “Radishes”
2nd: Abigail Tenniswood “Bunches of Fun”
3rd: Abigail Tenniswood “Culture Carver”
Sculpture: K5-12th
1st: Claire McNeill “Clayful Octopus”
2nd: Morgan Petersen “Country Life”
3rd Jonathan Rook “The Salmon”
Drawing: K5-6th
1st: Joy Williams “Woman at the Well”
2nd: Bella Afanasjeva “Crayon Wolf”
3rd: Annabelle Berube “Horse”
Drawing: 7th-12th
1st: Abigail Tenniswood “Bayou Chico 723”
2nd: Jillian Todd “Scarlett”
3rd: James Hunter “I Love You”
Painting: K5-6th Grade
1st: Claire McNeill “Beauty of Knowledge”
2nd: Braidon English “Lakeside Kayakers”
3rd: Joshua Ibrahim “Fish”
Painting: 7th-12th
1st: Alexandra Johnson “The Pear”
2nd: Alexandra Johnson “Sea Lions”
3rd: Tim Parsley & Bryce Barnes “Nondum considerasti, quanti ponderis sit peccatum”
Best in Show
 Abigail Tenniswood “Finger Fish”