The annual Trinitas Art Contest was a huge success with over 125 entries submitted from students in kindergarten through 12th grades.   The walls were adorned with incredible art from different mediums including sculptures, sketches, photographs, and paintings.  The winners in each category were announced at morning meeting. They were as follows:

K5-6th Grade

Drawing: Ruth Oaks-1st, Jonathan Rook-2nd, Jeremiah Butcher-3rd

Painting: Laora Kasianov-1st, Eden Hunter-2nd, Chris Dunham-3rd

Photography: Claire Hadding-1st, Spenser Hadley-2nd, Chase Petersen-3rd

K5-12th Grade 3D: Grace McNeill-1st,  Joshua Ibrahim-2nd, Timothy Hughes-3rd

7th-12th Grade

Drawing: Alex Johnson-1st, Abby Tenniswood-2nd, Jessica Croley-3rd

Painting: McKenzie Petersen-1st, James Hunter-2nd, Bryce Barnes-3rd

Photography: McKenzie Petersen-1st, Emily Hadding-2nd, James Hunter-3rd

Best in Show 2018: Eryn Riesberg