Twenty-nine Trinitas students participated in the 40th annual Sonata Contest held March 9, 2019 at the Center of Fine and Performing Arts on the University of West Florida campus.  There were 521 students enrolled and almost 60 teachers, with 17 judges in attendance for this year’s contest.  We are proud to announce the following students earned awards for their performances:

1st Place –   Jon Anthony Sampson

Sully Hadley

Grace McNeill

Margaux Alexander

Jane Reed

Chris Dunham

Landon Varela

2nd Place –  Hadassah Cowart

Adellia Kasionov

Laora Kasionov

3rd Place –   Grace Tenniswood

Lydia Wallnofer

Sophia Cowart

Claire McNeill

Congratulations to our winners and to our esteemed teachers, Mrs. Yoana Hilt, Ms. Anna Francis, Mrs. Julie Kaunitz, Mrs. Charity Usita, and Mr. Ed Varela.