50K for Turkey Day packing

The 50k For Turkey Day project begun by four seniors from Trinitas Christian School ended with a stunning flourish on Saturday, November 21, as 90 volunteers gathered at the school to pack the 50,000 meals. The auditorium was a swirl of energy as 12 separate assembly lines worked feverishly to package as much mac & cheese as possible. Each bag packaged contained six servings of macaroni noodles, protein-loaded soy flour, and a packet of vitamin-fortified cheese sauce. The morning began at eight o’clock with a general word of thanks, brief instructions, and a prayer, before the group transitioned into production mode. The volunteers worked until all the supplies were exhausted, finishing in a stunning two hours! Channel 3 news was even able to send a camera man to interview project-leader Ben Noland and capture some footage of the four seniors loading the boxes onto the Manna food bank truck, all of which aired on television several times throughout the day. The morning ended with a pizza party in celebration of the success of the project.

For seniors Ben Noland, Bekah Hubbell, Chloe Gregg, and Colby Gilley, packing day was a milestone in their lives. Having begun the initiative in early July, these students have devoted a great amount of time to ensure the success of such a worthwhile project. After multiple planning meetings, the students kicked their campaign off with a fundraiser through local Chick fil-A restaurants. The students have also worked with multiple media outlets to promote their project and met with various businessmen to raise the $14,000 necessary to fund their project. Finally, due to the unfailing support of everyone in the Pensacola community, they were able to see their project come to an exciting conclusion on the 21st. The students are thankful for all of the support they received from their community, and they hope that they have been able not only to help the needy in the community, but to inspire others to do the same.