Trinitas Christian School students recently participated in the 9th Annual Chrysostom Oratory Competition. The Grand Hall was filled with students, parents, and guests who had the honor of listening to our competitors. The Chrysostom Oratory Contest takes its name from John Chrysostom, a fourth-century Christian archbishop of Constantinople who is known for his eloquence in preaching and public speech, thus the nickname for the trophy, “golden mouth”. This year’s 2nd place winner was Mekenzie Petersen. Mekenzie’s speech, The Christian Perspective of Death, compared the views of death presented in Aldous Huxley’s, Brave New World, and William Shakespeare’s, Hamlet, to the Christian view presented in Scripture. She argued that while Brave New World seeks to escape thinking about death and Hamlet seeks to dwell too hopelessly on death, Christians can both hope in death and anticipate it with eagerness because Christ has overcome death, calling us to glorify His name in this life until the end. The 1st place win went to Adam Strickler with his speech, The Manifest Power of God. Adam investigated the symbolic meaning of rain in Scripture. In studying the examples of rain throughout the Old and New Testaments, Adam argued that rain symbolizes God’s blessing upon the just and unjust as well as His just judgment upon sin and rebellion. Adam was awarded the Golden Mouth award and the opportunity to compete with orators from other ACCS schools for a $1000 prize and the opportunity to deliver his speech at the ACCS Conference in Atlanta this June. Congratulations to Mekenzie, Adam, and all of our competitors for their hard work and a special thank you to our judges,  Dr. David Ramsey, Mr. Sean Johnson, and Mr. Joshua Butcher.