Trinitas received the following commendation from a kind gentlemen who noticed the difference in culture of the Trinitas family. We are truly blessed.

“Dear Mr. Trotter,

Congratulations on your basketball win Saturday night versus Central Christian of Fairhope. You may think I am misinformed after a quick check of the final results of the JV and Varsity contests. No it was a WIN!!

I was one on the Emerald Coast referees for those contests. As a referee I have officiated basketball at all levels from colleges to large and small high schools in 5 states around the country. In ALL of my games for the last 20 years I have yet to encounter a more enthusiastic, supporting and positive group of players, coaches and fans. In the face of an overwhelming point differential the fans, players and coaches remained positive, supportive and enthusiastic without malice toward the other team and coaches. The players remained fiercely competitive despite overwhelming odds of a victory.

These losses were really the biggest ‘WINS’ a school can [achieve]. It is rare to find good sportsmanship today in the game and you should be proud of this achievement. The school administrators, teachers, fans, players, parents and coaches are responsible for forming young men and women that compete in life despite many obstacles.

It was a pleasure for us as officials to work with your team in teaching the young men and women the [r]eal [v]alue in the game of basketball and life. Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas to you all.

Emerald Coast Basketball Official”