As varsity sports seasons get underway this weekend, I want to remind you what it means to represent Trinitas as a fan. You can find a thorough explanation of “The Ideal Trinitas Sports Fan” in the Family Handbook, but I want to give you a few quick reminders.

  1. Remember, our Christian children are competing against other Christian children, not against the devil’s spawn; furthermore, those Christian children have Christian parents who are working as hard as you are to love their neighbor in this context.
  2. Remember, one of our players may make a mistake that costs us a point or even the game. That child will not need us to point out his or her mistake, but will need our love and encouragement.
  3. Remember, the other team’s fans may not be working as hard as you are to love their neighbor. That does not mean we should stoop to their level; rather, we should obey Christ by loving our neighbors—even our enemies, if you prefer to think of our opponent that way in the heat of the game.
  4. Remember, the referees are humans, so they will make mistakes; nonetheless, they are the authorities in the game and their word is final. They may even make a bad call that costs us a game, but human error, not favoritism, will be the cause.
  5. Remember, as important as these games are to us, they are mere grains in the sand of time. How we as fans treat our neighbors during the game is what will endure, not the end score of the game.

I hope you find these reminders helpful. Remember, as a Trinitas fan you represent your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, your church, your family, and yourself, but you also represent Trinitas Christian School. Proverbs 22:1 is helpful here, “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, loving favor rather than silver or gold.” Let’s work together to make sure our name remains good in our community.