Grammar Faculty

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Kindergarten 5 – Patty Sarrell

B.S. in General Studies with a minor in Bible, Clearwater Christian College
Joined the Trinitas staff in 2013

Mrs. Sarrell is a reading specialist who loves to write stories for beginning readers which she uses in her class. She is a mother to four, grandmother to eight, an avid swimmer, biker, and is a certified rescue scuba diver. She loves handmade creations and is a past member of the Asheville, NC quilt guild. Mrs. Sarrell loves the kindergarten mind, especially this age group’s sense of humor.  

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1st Grade – Ashleigh Wark

B.S. in Elementary Education, Pensacola Christian College with minors in English and Math
Joined the Trinitas staff in 2017

Mrs. Wark is a newlywed and her husband is currently an Escambia County Sheriff.  Mrs. Wark is from South Carolina originally and did her internship at Pensacola Christian Academy.  Her hobbies include volleyball, reading, calligraphy and crafts. 

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2nd Grade – Mrs. Sharon Robson

B.A. in Christian Education from Bethany Divinity College
Joined the Trinitas staff in 2018

Mrs. Robson is the mother of current Trinitas 6th grade teacher, Miss Charity Robson.  She comes to us from Thomasville, Georgia, where her husband has pastored East Side Baptist Church for 39 years.

Mrs. Robson has taught everything from kindergarten to eighth grade in her thirty-two years of teaching in Christian schools and eight years of homeschooling experience.  Mrs. Robson also brings a wealth of musical talent and ability to Trinitas.  

Wendy Phillips

3rd Grade – Wendy Phillips

B.A. in music studies, Wayland Baptist University
Joined the Trinitas staff in 2005

Mrs. Wendy Phillips is beloved by all students and parents. She is an expert in “feasting,” so the third and seventh grades always anticipate the annual Greek Feast. So gifted is Mrs. Phillips in this area of classical education that she once presented an ACCS workshop entitled, “Thou Shalt Keep the Feast.”   She is also called upon frequently to present teacher training modules for Trinitas and other local classical schools. Mrs. Phillips is so organized she has more binders than students. She has lived in Hawaii and Mexico and has 10 grandbabies, all of whom enjoy Camp GrammaMimi each summer. Her favorite authors are James Herriott, Jane Austin, and Agatha Christie, and her favorite animal is a goat (she used to raise them). Mrs. Phillips is also a concert pianist, which really comes in handy at Trinitas where we love to sing!

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4th Grade – George Reed

B.A. Humanities.  Graduated March 9, 2007. Thomas Edison State College and Kansas State University (1996-1998)
Joined the Trinitas staff in 2017

Mr. Reed has five children at Trinitas and is committed to classical Christian education. He and his wife Cinnamon were classically homeschooling their children before they ever came to Trinitas, and Trinitas was one of their primary reasons for moving to Pensacola. Mr. Reed understands the Trinitas classroom, the Trinitas standards, the student work load, the grading, and importantly, the expectations and struggles of Trinitas parents.

Mr. Reed is a humanities major who has a passion for literature and language. He is as well-read as our Traditio teachers and actually participates in a book club that some of them attend.  He is multilingual and served as a linguist in the US Navy where he held top security clearance. Mr. Reed has spent time in many different countries which adds layers to the experience he brings to the classroom. His first job after college, and in fact one that he did part-time while still in college, was teaching in a Grammar School.  

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5th Grade – Bobby McGee

Bachelor of Arts-University of West Florida

Joined Trinitas Staff 2016

Mr. McGee graduated from Trinitas as class Valedictorian in 2009. After spending time at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, ID where he met his wife Mary, he returned to Pensacola to finish his Bachelor of Arts. He and Mary had their 4th child in July, 2017.  Big families are nothing new to his bride as she is one of 15 children! Bobby and Mary live on a farm and enjoy their goats and bountiful garden. 

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6th Grade – Charity Usita

M.S. Curriculum and Instruction, Secondary Specialization, Pensacola Christian College
B.S. Secondary Education with a major in Music and minor in Speech Communication, Pensacola Christian College
Joined the Trinitas staff in 2015

Not everyone has the opportunity of a lifetime like Mrs. Charity Usita who lived in Hawaii and starred in an adaptation of her favorite book, Little Women. In college, she studied under our own Mr. Ed Varela, who instilled in her a love of playing the piano and all things musical. She enjoys traveling, swimming, and hosting events.

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Grammar Aide – Misty Heifner

Undergraduate classes in Social Work, Southeast Missouri State
Licensed Cosmetologist in Missouri
Joined the Trinitas staff again in 2016

Mrs. Misty Heifner is the mother of three Trinitas graduates (2014, 2016 and 2018).  She has been involved with classical education for many years, including serving as an aide, a substitute teacher, and 2nd grade teacher for a season here at Trinitas.  She also volunteered at a classical school in St. Louis.  Her great love for children and training young ladies specifically, is partially evidenced in her co-founding and chairing the Dutiful Daughters club here at Trinitas.  Mrs. Heifner is best known in our community for writing the best jingles.

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K 4 Teacher- Sarah Hadley

B.A. Interdisciplinary Social Science- University of West Florida

Joined Trinitas staff in 2018

Mrs. Hadley is the wife of Trinitas traditio teacher, Mr. Sean Hadley, and mother of three Trinitas students.  She has a total of twelve years experience in education with several of those years teaching in the early grammar stage both in the United States and abroad.  She has taught in both Christian schools and Montessori schools and has home schooled her own children.

Mrs. Hadley has lots of creative energy and is very excited about channeling that energy toward teaching and training four-year-olds at Trinitas.  Welcome, Mrs. Hadley!