Logic & Rhetoric Faculty

Math – Shane Tucker

M.Div. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
B.A. in Communications, University of West Florida
Joined the Trinitas staff in 2016




Traditio & Writing – Joshua Butcher

PhD in Rhetoric & Public Affairs, Texas A&M, pending dissertation
M.A. in Rhetoric & Public Affairs, Texas A&M University
B.S. in Speech Communication, Liberty University
Joined the Trinitas staff in 2010

Mr. Butcher has four sons, two who are current Trinitas students. He is known as one of the most genuinely nice men you will ever meet. He was a collegiate athlete and lover of all things manly like shooting guns and collecting knives, which endears him to all of our young men. With the students, he is beloved for being the king of analogies and corny puns. Mr. Butcher is the author of several articles including “Plato on Rhetoric: The Gorgias and The Phaedrus” in Classis and blog posts on the CiRCE Institute.


Science – Lockett DeGraaf

B.S. in Environmental Sciences, Troy University
Joined the Trinitas staff in 2015

The mother of two Trinitas students, Mrs. DeGraaf has directed and tutored homeschool groups, worked as a biologist as a watershed coordinator and hydrologist, and even worked in a nuclear power plant. She presented her graduate research findings at the annual meeting of the World Aquaculture Society in Honolulu, Hawaii, and continues her graduate studies in Biology at the University of West Florida. Mrs. DeGraaf is quite the daredevil, enjoying hang gliding, trail running, running 5Ks to ultra-marathons, and has taught paddleboard, yoga, and pilates.


Traditio & Writing – Sean Hadley

M.A. Theological Studies, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary
B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies, University of West Florida
Joined the Trinitas staff in 2014

Mr. Hadley has a love of learning best exemplified by his continual personal academic career. He is currently pursuing a M. Div. Christian Thought from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and has been awarded a Certificate of Biblical Understanding from the Nehemiah Institute as well as a Certificate of Completion for Biblical Studies and Christian Leadership from Ravencrest Bible School. Mr. Hadley revels in analyzing the paradigms and underlying assumptions of the cultural currency surrounding us, both in media and conversational forms. He published “A World Where Feelings Are King,” in Humane Pursuits, 2014. Mr. Hadley has three young sons with whom he shares his love of Batman memorabilia, fairy tales & myths, and Cheez-its.


Traditio, Latin – Brittany Hartke

B.A. in Liberal Arts and Culture, New Saint Andrews College
Joined the Trinitas staff in 2010
House Program Faculty Advisor, Yearbook Advisor

Miss Hartke is originally from the Seattle area, but being with us for 6 years makes her almost officially a southerner. She spent this summer beginning her masters’ degree at St. Johns College in Annapolis, Maryland, where she was selected to represent the college in an interview. Miss Hartke enjoys training dogs, cooking, drinking fine tea, and teaching her students the art of enjoying tea. After sharing one of her favorite selections, Book of the Dun Cow by Walter Wangerin Jr., with the parent association, the library hasn’t been able to keep it on the shelves! Her students love her enthusiasm for immersing classes in the environment and culture of their studies which has most recently been exhibited in an overhaul of the most popular Medieval Feast. Students and parents have loved the market place, trading for spices and eating utensils, and being thrown in jail for offenses in chivalry.


Physical Education & After-care – Mark Heinold

B.S. in Business with concentration in Sports Management, Pensacola Christian College
Joined the Trinitas staff in 2014

Mr. Heinhold is now with Trinitas full time, assisting with fourth grade, PE, and also in charge of after-school care. He loves the outdoors, sports, and reading his favorites The Pursuit of God, Mere Christianity, Crazy Love, and Twelve Ordinary Men. Most exciting, Mr. Heinhold and his wife, Krissy, are expecting their first child in March, 2016!

CMP_3560 1

Private Music  – Yoana Hilt

M.A. in Choral Conducting, Pensacola Christian College
B.A. in Music, flute performance, Pensacola Christian College
Joined the Trinitas staff in 2010

Mrs. Hilt enjoys playing piano and flute for weddings and churches, in addition to being a part of the Northwest Symphony Orchestra in Niceville, FL. She loves to take long walks on the beach and swim. She and her husband have their first child due in November of  2016.  She will continue to teach private music lessons because she loves to encourage and inspire young artists to increase their talents for God’s glory!


Traditio, Latin – Sean Johnson

M.A. in English, University of Dallas
B.A. in Liberal Arts & Culture with a minor in History, Theology & Rhetoric, New Saint Andrews College
Joined the Trinitas staff in 2013
National Honor Society Advisor, Classic Film Society Advisor

Originally from Oregon, Mr. Johnson is a talented chef (he almost went to culinary school instead of college), married a Trinitas alum, and is expecting their second child in November, 2015. Mr. Johnson is the resident Chesterton expert, and is editing a G. K. Chesterton compilation as well as other projects for MudHouse Press. His moonlighting as a movie reviewer for FilmFisher.com makes him most qualified for his position as the Classic Film Society advisor. He is also most qualified on staff to teach the boys to tie a bowtie.


Art & Physical Education- Stephen Kivisalu

M.A. in Studio Art & Illustration, Pensacola Christian College
B.S. in Visual Communication with a minor in advertising, Pensacola Christian College
Joined the Trinitas staff in 2012
Athletic Director

Mr. Kivisalu, Coach K as he is most often addressed, is originally from New York and makes at least an annual visit there with his Husky, Denali. A skilled graphic designer, Coach K applied his skill by designing the new Trinitas logo. He also enjoys oil painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, playing the violin, and all things sports. He won an Award of Merit as well as the Bobe’s Hobby House Merchandise Award in the First City Juried Art Show at Quayside Gallery.

CMP_3740 1

Greek – Dennis Louis

M.Div. in Biblical Exegesis, Reformed Theological Seminary
M.A. Pensacola Theological Seminary
B.A. Pensacola Christian College
Joined the Trinitas staff in 2015

Pastor Louis serves as the Assistant Pastor of Discipleship at McIlwain Presbyterian Church and is the Executive Theological Editor for the RAANetwork. Pastor Louis has a passion for teaching biblical languages and theology to God’s people. His family and friends describe him as a Bibliophile, a label that he accepts unashamedly. Beyond his enjoyment of books, Pastor Louis is a self-styled Iron Chef with a penchant for grilled cuisine. Pastor Louis has a wife and three small children – they keep him active and adventurous!


Math – Mary Stout

B.A. in Business Administration, Belmont College
Joined the Trinitas staff in 2003

Mrs. Stout has been at Trinitas long enough to work alongside her son-in-law! She is a grandma, or Deedee, times four, and the mom of four Trinitas alums. She makes delicious fried chicken and biscuits, claims bread baking (from the wheat berries, now that’s from scratch) and enjoys thread crafts (she’s won several Pensacola State Fair blue ribbons). An avid reader, she maintains her prowess in math and science by reading scientific journals and books and also likes reading Jane Austin, C.S. Lewis, and Ravi Zacharias. Mrs. Stout is a true math and science geek; she loves to watch college classes online from MIT to expand her subject knowledge for teaching.


Music & Chorus – Ed Varela

M.A. in Music (Choral Conducting), Pensacola Christian College
B.A. in Church Music (piano), Pensacola Christian College
Joined the Trinitas staff in 2013

Mr. Varela has three children, two of whom are enrolled at Trinitas. He enjoys impressionistic art, dressing like a surfer dude, and playing basketball. A leader of various music programs at his church, he produces plays and musicals for varying age groups each summer which are quite impressive. Mr. Varela, a concert pianist, is highly sought after, often traveling great distances to share his talents with large groups. He has participated in several productions that included seventeen pianists moving around on greater than ten pianos.