Parents’ Comments

“We recommend the school constantly. The teachers, administration, curriculum and genuine caring atmosphere for our children. They want them to succeed. They have grace with our parenting and have truly changed our family dynamic over the past five years.”

“Trinitas is the most excellent and Christ-centered education I have ever encountered and it has been a huge blessing to our family. I deeply appreciate the vision of the school to affect life and culture with Kingdom principles in the sphere of education.”

“Our children get a great education. They are disciplined in LOVE. They are encouraged in EVERY area of their life. This school not only deals with scholastic education, they focus on EVERYTHING being God-centered, always having a godly character, how to accept correction properly, striving to go above and beyond what is asked of them, doing their best in everything, and so forth.”

“From the first time our children stepped through the doors of Trinitas, we have never heard any complaints of having to ‘go to school’. We as parents, have been amazed at the level at which our children perform simply because they are expected to.”

“We have followed The Trinitas School since we met Mr. Trotter over 10 years ago while involved in another new Christian school. Trinitas is an excellent example of how classical education should ‘look’ – can read about it and talk about it all day long, but the execution is the difficult part. Trinitas has had consistently excellent leadership, which in turn makes for a consistently excellent school – academically, spiritually, and culturally.”

“We feel so blessed that God led our family to Trinitas Christian School. We know that our girls are receiving an outstanding education; and, most importantly, they see the existence of our awesome God in every aspect of learning. Educators can have a significant influence over our children and at Trinitas, we know that Godly teachers are helping us, as parents, to disciple our children.”

“The school has met all of our expectations. It fulfills both spiritual and academic needs for our family that support our parenting. But the most important thing is the security we feel knowing that everything and every decision made at this school is to God’s glory.”

“I understand why not every family wants their children to attend Trinitas. More is required of the parents because we are encouraged and challenged to obedience in Christ in every aspect of our lives. We don’t put our faith in the closet when we discuss different areas of academia or culture, nor do we wear the label of “Christian” like a logo on a designer shirt. Our desire and challenge is to glorify God in absolutely everything we do and say. I have received a second education as an adult that has exceeded everything I learned in college and even in most of the churches that I have been involved in locally. My children have had knowledgeable and loving teachers who care just as much if not more about my children’s character than their test scores. Trinitas is part of our family.”

“There are so many reasons we are thankful for Trinitas Christian School. We appreciate that parental involvement is not simply welcomed but encouraged; my wife and I truly feel that Trinitas is our school, not merely our children’s school.”

“We were blessed to join the Trinitas family in its first year, and every day I witness in my children the fruit of that blessing. My oldest daughter is a Trinitas graduate and currently a nursing student. Her experience at Trintas provided her with the academic discipline, Christian worldview, and social confidence necessary to engage the world around her for the glory of God. All three of my girls are happy young ladies and continually exhibit the joy of the Lord in their lives – a joy which they’ve learned from, and seen modeled in, the leadership found at Trinitas.”

“Trinitas provides a time tested educational system that produces thinkers in the context of a Biblical Worldview. We have enjoyed the deep discussions with our daughter as we re-explore the great books together. We could not ask for any more in a school.”

“A classical education at Trinitas Christian School is the best investment that any parent can give to his child.”

“The educational curriculum at Trinitas has developed a reader out of my child who didn’t realize how much she enjoyed reading.”

“Trinitas Christian School is a blessing for which our family is very thankful. We could not find a better academic program, and our children are being discipled by mature and godly teachers. The school supports our family in standing beside us and raising them to ‘glorify God and enjoy Him forever.”

“I am so grateful that my children are learning in an environment that is disciplined, respectful, and Christ-centered.”

“My son has learned more in kindergarten than I thought possible, and he enjoyed the learning so much that he doesn’t even know how hard he has worked. I feel like the class is an extension of my home and that the same Godly standards of respect and diligence I strive for at home are reinforced in the classroom.”

“My son has really grown to appreciate the individual attention that results from participating in a class that is small in number of students. The teachers at Trinitas have taken the initiative to enhance the academic work so that he is working to reach his fullest potential. The interactive teaching style has proven to be stimulating and motivating. Trinitas has made learning a most enjoyable experience.”