Wearing uniforms at Trinitas Christian School accomplishes a number of valuable objectives:

  • Uniforms instill in students a sense of belonging and loyalty to the school community.
  • Student behavior and productivity are generally improved when students wear uniforms.
  • Wearing a prescribed uniform helps de-emphasize fashion consciousness and diminishes tendencies to form socioeconomic cliques.
  • Most families find that purchasing uniforms costs less than buying the typical student wardrobe, and uniforms help reduce family conflicts over what to buy and what to wear.
  • Uniforms serve a practical purpose of safety since students are easily identifiable on field trips and persons not in uniform are easily noticed on our campus.
  • Finally, uniforms look nice and help create a positive impression of our students and our school within our community.

Uniform Code

Uniforms must be purchased through Lands’ End Direct Merchant School Uniform catalog.  When ordering, please put the following on your form:

Preferred School Number: 9000-4411-6
Logo Number: 9938473-K

The following items may be purchased at area retailers providing their appearance and fabric content is like those shown in the Lands’ End catalog.

  • Navy Hopsack single-breasted blazer in a poly/wool blend with two gold buttons (available from Lands’ End but may be purchased for gentlemen only elsewhere if it is the same)116
  • Shoes
  • Belts
  • Socks and tights

The administration has the final say on all matters pertaining to dress.