Ladies Uniform Code

Everyday Uniform: K5 – 12th

  • Skort –Top of knee/Below the knee Blend Chino skort in khaki or navy.
  • Box-Pleat Skirt – Top of knee/Below the knee navy, khaki, or gray. [Bike shorts underneath if necessary.]
  • Skirt – Solid A-line skirt in khaki, navy, or gray. [Bike shorts underneath if necessary.]
  • Shirts – Mesh or Interlock Polo long or short sleeves, in navy, burgundy, blue, or white with logo. Feminine Fit Polo is acceptable. Ladies are to button at least one button.
  • Turtlenecks or Mock Turtlenecks in navy, burgundy or white with logo.
  • Socks – White crew or quarter socks; ankle/sport socks are NOT acceptable. During winter, white or navy blue tights, white or navy blue knee socks, or white or navy blue tights with matching color crew socks may be worn.
  • Shoes – White traditional athletic or tennis shoes. At least 95% white; please strive for 100%. Shoes must be laced, to tie style with no cartoon/toy type figures. No beads, sequins, stacked, mules, or boat shoes. Tongue of shoe to be white.
  • Sweater – Navy, burgundy, or pewter heather Drifter/Performance Drifter v-neck vest, v-neck zip-front cardigan, performance fine gauge cardigan, or cotton v-neck cardigan, all with Trinitas logo.
  • Jacket – Midweight fleece jacket or Microfleece half-zip, navy or burgundy, with logo.
  • 9th-12th (Optional) Khaki Stretch Stain-Resist Chino pants, plain front, straight leg, with ladies’ athletic shoe. Leather, classic belt, no beads or decorations.
  • Rhetoric School Only: White long sleeve shirt oxford, with Trinitas logo.



Dress Uniform: K5 – 4th

  • Plaid Jumper – Hunter/classic navy (no more than 1” above, 1” below knee) Note: Kindergarten ladies should wear bike shorts under jumper for nap.
  • Shirt – Blue, Peter Pan Polo top, long sleeve, without Trinitas logo.
  • Socks/Tights/Knee Socks – White ankle socks, white or navy tights, or white or navy knee socks are all acceptable options. A ruffle on the ankle sock is acceptable; avoid lacy.
  • Dress Shoes – Black or navy T-strap or classic strap dress shoe (no open toe, mules, patent leather, velvet, suede, sequins)
  • Cardigan (Optional) – Navy or burgundy monogrammed fine gauge or performance fine gauge cotton.



Dress Uniform: 5th – 12th

  • Plaid Pleated Skirt – Hunter/Classic Navy Plaid
  • Shirt – Blue long-sleeve Oxford, or No-Iron Pinpoint blouse without Trinitas logo.
  • Jacket/Blazer – Deep Navy, Hopsack Blazer
  • Stockings /Knee Socks/Tights – Nude color stockings; navy or white knee socks or tights.
  • Dress Shoes – Black or navy loafer-style, or classic ballet flat, with 1” heel or less (no open toe, mules, patent leather, velvet, suede, or sequins). Penny loafer acceptable.

PE Uniform

  • Ladies in K5 and first grade may remain in their everyday uniform during PE; however, they have the option of changing into the Trinitas PE tee shirt.
  • Second through twelfth grade ladies are required to wear the Trinitas PE tee shirt with approved navy shorts, athletic pants, or everyday uniform skort. Shorts and pants will be approved if they are modest, not tight-fitting or low-cut, and appropriate for the activities of the Trinitas PE program. *Inseam of shorts will be 6 inches or longer.

*Tasteful hair accessories should be in muted colors with no sequins. Hair ribbons will be navy, white, or burgundy. Young ladies’ hair must be styled in a manner that prevents their hair from covering face or eyes.

*On the playground or otherwise on campus during winter months, students are to wear Trinitas monogrammed outerwear (sweaters or fleece).


Dress Uniforms will be worn on designated field trips or on days deemed appropriate by the administration.