Chrysostom Competition

Each year Trinitas students in the seventh through twelfth grades participate in an oratory contest named for John Chrysostom, who is considered by some churches as one of the greatest of the early church fathers.  He has been named “church doctor” for his numerous surviving letters and sermons and “golden mouth” for his rhetorical skill.  Students in each class are provided guidelines for a topic and duration and prepare a speech which they present to their class.  Teachers select the best student from each grade level to present to parents and honored guests.   Trinitas juniors and seniors compete against one another to earn both the school title and the opportunity to compete against winners across the country from other Association of Classical and Christian Schools (ACCS) in the national competition.

The winner and runner-up in the national ACCS Chrysostom Competition are awarded $1000 and $500 scholarships, respectively.  Each presents his speech at the ACCS conference held annually near the end of June.  Several Trinitas students, including Stephen Fletcher in 2013, Khristian Trotter in 2014, Colby Gilley in 2015, and McKinley Traylor in 2018 have placed second in the national competition.

2018 Trinitas Chrysostom Finalists

2016 Trinitas Chrysostom Winner