Admission Procedures


IMG_3157Trinitas Christian School uses an admissions procedure that resembles the application process used in many private colleges, allowing our school more accurately to identify and admit students from families who have expressed convictions similar to those upheld by the school regarding the education of their children.

The selection of the student body of the school is second only to staff selection in impacting the school’s mission. Trinitas Christian School seeks to foster a family-like atmosphere that is due in great measure to the similarity of biblical convictions and principles taught and lived out in many of the homes of our students. As the Lord blesses us with growth and change, we want to do all we can to build and maintain that atmosphere.


The basic process for new applicants is as follows:

  1. January 1 through May 1: Applications will be available. We will receive completed applications,  schedule interviews, and schedule entrance testing.
  2. March 1 through May 30: Interviews and applications for each student will be evaluated.
  3. March 15 through June 10: Notification of acceptance or denial will be mailed to each applicant. Accepted applicants will receive all appropriate information for preparing for school.
  4. After June 10: Applications will be considered as they are received and as space permits.


Priority for acceptance will be as follows: 1) Current students; 2) Siblings of current students, and 3) All other applicants. Trinitas will consider a student’s academic achievements in the application process for grade placement, but not as the primary determinant for acceptance. A child entering our K-5 program must have reached the age of five years by September 1 of the fall in which he/she would enter Trinitas Christian School. A readiness screening and/or testing (for a fee of $30) may also be required. If a child has successfully completed the previous school year and his/her schoolwork and behavior compare favorably to the comparable grade at Trinitas, the child will be placed in the grade for which he is applying. However, if there is evidence to show that the child may not be adequately prepared for the next sequential grade level, with the parents’ consent, he may repeat the previous grade. The child should understand that his parents have delegated their authority to the school. Therefore, he is subject to the instruction and discipline of the teachers and principal in their prescribed roles at Trinitas Christian School. Grade level advancement (skipping one or more grade level(s)) will be a decision based on academic performance, social/emotional development and will be considered only by the request of the parent.

Trinitas is a discipleship based educational program and therefore requires that at least one parent profess faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is also essential that both parents (in a single parent home, one parent) have a clear understanding of the biblical philosophy and purpose of Trinitas Christian School. This understanding includes a willingness to have their child exposed to the clear teaching (not forced indoctrination) of the school’s Statement of Faith in various and frequent ways within the school’s program. The parents should be willing to cooperate with and adhere to all the written policies of Trinitas Christian School. This is most important in the area of discipline and schoolwork standards, as well as active communication with the respective teachers and administration.

Completed application (see the printable application form) should be returned with a $175.00 application fee to:

Trinitas Christian School
3301 E. Johnson Ave.
Pensacola, FL 32514

If accepted, the parents will receive an Acceptance Letter, and the Transfer of Records form will be sent to the previous school attended. In order for the admission process to be final, Trinitas must receive the following items:

· Completed Application Packet
· Copy of Birth Certificate
· Current Immunization Certificate (shot record must be up to date)
· Medical Information Form
· Proof of Medical Insurance

All financial arrangements between the family and the school must be understood before an admission is considered final.

Note: Parents of students are required to attend the Family Orientation held at the school during an evening in late August. Written notice of the date, time, and location of the Family Orientations will be provided.