Our 2011 Art Contest winners were announced and ribbons hung by Miss Steinmetz, our beloved art teacher.  The winners are:

Drawing K5 – 3rd grades: 1st: Avery DeStafney; 2nd: Madison Payne; 3rd: Clark Dunham.
Drawing 4th – 6th grades: 1st: Alexandra Johnson.
Drawing 7th – 12th grades: 1st and 2nd: Abigail Gardner.

Painting K5 – 3rd grades: 1st: Clark Dunham; 2nd and 3rd: Carl Dunham.
Painting 4th – 6th grades: 1st: Elizabeth Ann Pollitt; 2nd: Izabella Erickson; 3rd: Elijah Gay.
Painting 7th – 12th grades: 1st: Ian Uranga; 2nd: Raven Scott.

Photography 4th – 6th grades: 1st: Sydney English; 2nd: Faith Heifner; 3rd: Abby Lyons.
Photography 7th – 12th grades: 1st: Jenna Viets; 2nd: Grace Croley; 3rd: Jon Adler.

Three-D 2nd – 6th grades: 1st: Brett Croley; 2nd: Avery DeStafney; 3rd: Brett Croley.
Three-D 7th – 12th grades: 1st: Derek Schroeder; 2nd: Collin McGee; 3rd: Khristian Trotter.

People’s Choice Award, with an overwhelming 49 votes: Ian Uranga, “Beach Scene,” (photo at right.)

Congratulations, artists!