EveningTGB MMOn Friday, February 22nd, Trinitas Christian School enjoyed the tremendous honor of hosting Dr. George Grant at our Evening of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, as well as during the day with our student body.  Dr. Grant began Friday morning exhorting us to the patience of Elijah during our school family devotion; continued encouraging our young men during a father and son lunch to be stalwart like Teddy Roosevelt; and then completed the day with his public lecture, “Where do we go from here: Building A Culture of Grace,” where he exhorted attendees not to grow weary as they seek to be salt and light in the midst of their communities, reclaiming the culture for Christ.  Dr. Grant’s passion for Christ is coupled with a great love for classical Christian education, and his faithful encouragement is never lost on parents and educators alike.  For those who missed any of the day’s events, we will have DVD’s available for purchase.  See the front office.