Federation Festival, a non-competitive evaluation under the National Federation of Music Clubs, took place February 11th at Northwest Florida State College. Twenty of our music students were enrolled for the evaluations in piano solo, vocal solo, piano concerto, and music theory.

In the performance categories, our students earned 21 Superiors and 3 Excellents.
In the Theory Tests, our students earned 16 Superiors, 1 Excellent, and 1 Satisfactory.
The following have earned enough points for a Gold Cup Trophy by participating over the years:
Carl Dunham, Chris Dunham, Clark Dunham, Lauren Pardue, Jonny Taylor, and Olivia Varela.
Congratulations to our participants: Reagan Chandler, Alijah Conner, Jackson Cowart, Carl Dunham, Chris Dunham, Clark Dunham, Isaac Hennessey, Jacob Hopkins, Lauren Pardue, Cate Price, Drew Shafer, Jack Shafer, Adam Strickler, Jack Strickler, Leah Strickler, Jonny Taylor, Emma Todd, Jillian Todd, Landon Varela, and Olivia Varela.