Heaven knows I spill the ink in this space almost every week trying to convince parents about how Trinitas Christian School is different from other schools. I spill just as much ink explaining why Trinitas is different. It is hard to gauge how many people I have persuaded. I am painfully aware at times, though, that I have persuaded at least a few people in the Pensacola area that Trinitas is different, and that they view that difference suspiciously as if they think we are conducting some kind of weird and isolated experiment here with this classical Christian stuff.

Just to set the record straight about Trinitas not being a weird and isolated experiment, I am taking a different tack this week. I offer this short film (less than 20 minutes) as proof that Trinitas is part of global movement in classical Christian education. It is a movement made up of hundreds of schools like Trinitas all around the world filled with tens of thousands of students being educated just like Trinitas students. Many would say the movement is a course correction in education, the forging of a new path by going back to an old and proven method. We are organized under the Association of Classical Christian Schools which accredits only the best classical Christian schools in the world. Approximately forty schools currently hold accreditation with the ACCS—Trinitas is one of them.

Trinitas is different in the best sort of way, and we are not alone! Join us, won’t you? Enjoy the film!

Mr. Ron Gilley