Ways to Give

There are several ways you may support the Trinitas mission.  Some people give a monthly check, some stock, property, or other assets.  Some families even have their gift matched by their employer.  Contact the human resources department of your employer to find out if they participate in such a program.


Gifts of Cash

Traditionally, the majority of gifts made to Trinitas come in the form of cash.  A gift of cash receives the most generous federal income tax deduction available for charitable contributions.  You can make a cash gift to any of the fundraising initiatives of the school.


Trinitas greatly appreciates future gifts made through one’s estate.  Bequests are the most common way for donors to make their ultimate gift to the school.  Most bequests are in the form of a specific amount or a percentage stated in a will.

Gifts of Stock

A gift of appreciated securities that you have held for more than one year is frequently the most tax-wise way to give securities.  You will be eligible to make a federal income tax deducation equal to the fair market value on the date of the gift for up to 30% of your adjusted gross income and will recognize the appreciation as capital gain.  If the securities are held by a broker or banker, you can have the securities transferred directly to Trinitas Christian School account at any local brokerage house.  Then contact the Office of Development by calling (850) 484-3515 to let us know a gift of stock is being made.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A gift annuity is a simple contract between a donor and Trinitas.  In exchange for a gift, Trinitas will pay a fixed and guaranteed income to the donor for their lifetime.  Income payments may be received immediately for life or deferred to a future date.  The capital is invested in the school’s endowment and the annuity payments are guaranteed by the school.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

A charitable remainder trust is an individually managed trust that may be tailored to the specific needs of the donor or designated beneficiaries.  These trusts can be structured to provide income for life or for a term of years.  Most importantly, the trust assets can be managed for income or growth, depending on a beneficiary’s needs.  Charitable remainder trusts can accept a broad range of gift assets and are popular because of their flexibility.

Charitable Lead Trusts

Through a charitable lead trust, Trinitas receives income from the asset a donor contributes to the trust for a term of years.  At the end of the designated period, the assets of the trust pass to those named by the donor, typically younger children or grandchildren.  By making this gift to Trinitas, donors can significantly reduce their estate and gift taxes on transfers of wealth to their children and grandchildren.

Insurance Policies

A common way to remember Trinitas is to name the school as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.  The same could be done with group life insurance policies offered by empoyers.  It is possible for donors to gift paid-policies to the school.

Real Estate

Appreciated marketable real estate is another asset with which you make a significant gift.  A gift of real estate will entitle you to a federal income tax deduction equal to the qualified appraisal of the value of the property.  Gifts of real estate must be reviewed in advance by the Board of Governors.

Tangible Personal Property

You may wish to give a gift of tangible personal property related to Trinitas’ educational programs.  A gift of any of these assets will entitle you to an income tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the asset on the date of the gift.