Congratulations to our grade level winners in the Chrysostom Oratory Contest:

7th Grade: Golden Mouth

1st – John Hunter
2nd – Carleigh Hubbell
3rd – Clayton Myers
4th – Kurtis Shull

8th Grade:

1st – Evan Hennessey
2nd – Judah Wilmer
3rd – Madison Payne
4th – Laura Looper

9th Grade:

1st – Kevin Dulion
2nd – Alexandra Johnson
3rd – Jillian Todd
4th – Adam Strickler

10th Grade:

1st – Cate Price
2nd – McKinley Traylor
3rd – Brandon Peterson
4th – Andrew Sandell

11th and 12th:

1st – Parker Gilley
2nd – Tim Parsley
3rd – Bekah Hubbell
4th – Colby Gilley

Each of our first place winners will present their speeches tomorrow, Thursday, March 24th, beginning at 8:30am. All finalists in the 11th and 12th grades will present to a panel of judges who will determine the Trinitas representative to the National Association of Classical and Christian Schools Chrysostom Oratory Contest.  Parents and friends are invited to attend the contest and presentations tomorrow.