Last week,  senior  Hayden Hill was chosen as one of three youth members to present an assessment of God’s teaching to him personally, during haydenboth First Baptist Church services.   Amidst his preparation for his Trinitas thesis on the contrast between Godly love and worldly love, God blessed him greatly so he shared from his readings.  His insights on the scriptural meaning of love are powerful.  He shared the following.

For most people today, love is a feeling that comes and goes, that rises and falls.  But as a Christian, one who imitates Christ daily, we are called to “put on love”.  The love that we must present is an action, a promise to love others selflessly.  It is impossible to promise a certain feeling, but an action is something that can be promised.  So as Christians, we are committing to selflessly love others.  Christian love “bears all things” and has a forgetful quality in the sense that it overlooks the class and rank of others and simply loves others because they are made in the image of God.  So I have a little phrase for you to remember when thinking about Christian love and that is, to show love above.  To show love above rank, to show love above status, to show love above personal desires, and to love others because God loves us.