senior ringTrinitas 7th – 12th grade students gathered with parents to attend the Convocation Ceremony last Monday.  Miss Brittany Hartke, Mr. Sean Hadley, and Mr. Sean Johnson, Trinitas Rhetoric School faculty members, encouraged them in redeeming time and Mr. Josh Butcher lead the students in their pledge:

Todd convocation“This year I pledge to walk circumspectly before the face of God; to hear and heed God’s Word, to question and doubt my own desires, to think soberly and act reverently, to make melody with my heart to the Lord in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, to submit to my brothers and sisters in the fear of God, and to give thanks to God always for all things.”


Headmaster Ron Gilley  shared the history of the senior ring from the inception of the practice as well as the Trinitas philosophy for continuing the tradition.  Mr. Gilley and senior traditio teacher Sean Johnson presented the seniors their signet rings as a rite of passage during the ceremony.