McKinley Traylor with her Trinitas Instructors

In October of 2016, approximately 1.6 million juniors from across the country, including Trinitas, entered the National Merit Scholarship Competition (NMSQT) by way of participating in the Preliminary SAT Examination, also known as the PSAT.  Earlier this year we announced that one of our students, Miss McKinley Traylor, based on her performance on the PSAT exam, reached the next level of the National Merit competition. Of the entrants, 16,000 were recently selected as semifinalists and will continue in the 2018 National Merit Scholarship Competition.  Mr. Ron Gilley, Trinitas administrator, presented Miss Traylor with a certificate designating her as a National Merit Semifinalist…quite an honor.  Congratulations!

In the twelve years juniors from Trinitas have entered the NMSQT competition by taking the PSAT, four graduates have been named National Merit Finalists with two accepting scholarships and thus becoming National Merit Scholars, and seven have been named Commended Scholars.  That amounts to an outstanding eleven percent of our graduates who have been awarded the distinction of any National Merit title, six percent commended scholars and five percent finalists.