Yesterday was a huge success as our 4th, 8th, and 11th grade students enjoyed a bountiful feast and celebration
while learning all about medieval times and traditions.  The authentic outdoor marketplace was open for all lords and ladies in attendance.  They enjoyed earning their beans to purchase food from the market by doing good deeds, acting chivalrously, chopping wood, writing a specific virtue in calligraphy, or discovering home remedies at the apothecary.  They milked a goat and a brave few even drank the milk!  Unique spices were available for them to bottle up and try at their feast.  With quivers full of arrows, our knights and ladies tried their hand at archery with hopes of piercing an apple clean through the heart. Finally, a great celebration ensued as the jousting competition brought forth a valiant hero whose reward was the select opportunity to dine with the King and Queen. While 4th and 8th graders were partaking in the feast, the 11th graders performed skits for all to enjoy.  The 8th graders then serenaded the king and gave presentations about brave knights and warriors.

Thank you to all that helped organize and serve during the day.  It was an outstanding feast day and wonderful opportunity to transform our school into a scene from the middle ages.