Mr. Joshua Gibbs, teacher of students in grades 9-12, presented a convocation address to Trinitas rhetoric students and guests on Friday, September 7th.  On behalf of the faculty and administration, Mr. Gibbs charged the students to “submit their life’s work to the Lord Jesus Christ; …that Christ will not simply become a lens with which [they] can do a million pleasant, secular things; rather, that Christ be the lens and the object of the eyes seeing through that lens; … [that students would] find that a life of prayer, repentance and joy in the life of God is more satisfying, more real than the petty amusements of the world; …that the sacred life of God will be the only truly satisfying thing for [them].”  The thirty-seven students pledged to be faithful to the Lord and those teachers He has placed in authority over them. 

Trinitas families attending the annual state of the school address were treated to an encore performance where Mr. Gibbs presented the convocation address to a crowd of over one hundred parents.