Prairie Day is an exciting day for our second grade class! After reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book, Little House on the Prairie, the students get to try their hand at the many chores and activities that the Ingalls family enjoyed. The girls, in their bonnets and long, lacy dresses, learned to sew patches, churn butter, and make heart shaped cakes just as Laura Ingalls did. The gentlemen, in suspenders and a good pair of work boots, chopped wood for the fire, plowed the land for planting, and enjoyed some down time learning to whittle. With a pancake breakfast to start their day and some good open-fire stew and fresh baked pies to fill their bellies after their work was complete, the students enjoyed a time of square dancing. It was a memorable day for the second graders in which they learned to appreciate the hard work of the pioneers and the joys that come when the work is done. Thank you, Mrs. Robson, Mrs. Phillips, and all of our parents who helped to make this a wonderful day on the prairie.