Our Trinitas Knights had an amazing finale to our first season at the St. John’s 5K Sunset Run! We earned our first trophy for the most runners/walkers registered (64 total) and 12 medals for the top three runners in their age groups who follow:

Male 7-8: 1st place Reice Griffith, 3rd place Isaac HennesseySunset Run

Female 9-10: 1st place Emma Todd

Male 9-10: 2nd place Knox Williams, 3rd place Evan Hennessey

Female 11-12: 1st place Natalie Sigala, 2nd place Mary Claire Griffith

Female 13-14: 2nd place Leah Strickler, 3rd place Faith Levasseur

Male 13-14: 2nd place Parker Gilley

Female 20-24: 3rd place Kandace Trotter

Male 1-39 walkers:  2nd place Stephen Henderson

Many runners made a new personal record! Both Ben Noland and Bennett Williams finished with their fastest 5k time at 19:41! Congratulations…and goooo Knights!