IMG_1604It is impossible adequately to capture the feel of a Trinitas classroom in a series of photographs. The rigor, discipline, and joy of learning that pervade the school are readily apparent, however, when someone experiences a class firsthand. Perhaps this poem, written by one of our mothers captures what we feel about our school.



Saga of New Trinitas Family

Trinitas, dear Trinitas
Is this where we belong?
Stay awhile and bend your ear
And listen to my song.
Teachers in the teachers’ lounge,
Practicing their phonics,
Is it ur the ur of nurse or purse?
And don’t forget the think cap on it!
Navy skorts and khaki shorts
White shirts pressed just right,
Will our kids be happy here
Won’t it feel “too tight”?
The joy of the Lord so present here
His love does light our way,
And in the knowledge of His Word
We’re growing every day.
Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric
What’s it all about?
Latin roots, declensions, “Riggs”,
Won’t they all just pout?
Recitation day’s approaching
Do you know your chapter?
Children memorize it well,
Adults come lagging after.
Sounds a bit Medieval,
Modern it is not,
Are you sure the torture chambers
Don’t await the lot?
At lunch stand quietly, right hands up
As the blessing it is sung,
Beware the kindergarterners when the riddle’s told
Classical minds develop young!
Hark, what is that joyful sound
From the morning meeting?
“Dona Nobis Pachem”
Angelic voices singing.
Greek Olympics at P.E.
Throw that discus far!
A laurel wreath will grace your head,
Victorious, you’re the star!
See them smiling in the halls
“Good Morning Mr. Trotter!”
Shoulders back, stand nice and tall,
Line up if you want water!
Queer, the children like it here,
They want to go to school!
Sign us up for another year,
I think this place is cool!

by Ellen Holland