Leave it to Psmith

by Ian Hay and P.G. Wodehouse

The Honorable Freddie Bosham needs money to marry the girl of his dreams.  For this risky venture he calls on none other than Ronald Eustace Psmith* (the P is silent as in psalad).  These two bachelors work together to steal the Dulworthy diamonds.  Will their schemes be successful?  Just leave it to Psmith.




*You may be wondering if Psmith is merely an accidental misspelling of the traditional English surname – Smith.  Rest assure, it is not.  Before the story begins, Ronald Smith was just an average man, with a particularly average name.  In an effort to overcome mediocrity in every way, Smith made the executive decision to add panache to Smith by inserting a silent p.




Busman’s Honeymoon

by Dorothy L. Sayers & M. St. Clare Byrne

Perhaps Sayres’ best-loved characters are Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane.  Lord Peter is a wealthy aristocrat with a penchant for solving mysteries.  Harriet Vane, a popular crime-fiction writer, is wooed by Lord Peter after he makes several attempts to win her affection.  ‘Busman’s Honeymoon’ is Sayers’ eleventh book featuring Lord Peter’s detective adventures and the fourth chronicling his relationship with Ms. Harriet Vane.

IMG_1416The play opens the day after Lord and Lady Peter’s marriage.  On their wedding night, they arrived at a cottage called Talboys which they had purchased just prior to their wedding.  Expecting a peaceful and private honeymoon, they are much surprised to find the house anything but orderly, and soon the duo’s sleuthing skills are once again put to the test.  Quickly, the plans for a quiet sabbatical are discarded as the couple finds themselves in quire the busman’s honeymoon.







snow white 1

Snow White

dramatized by J. Michael Straczynski

May 3 at 7PM and May 4 at 2PM and 7PM


Who is the fairest in the land?  When the mirror reveals to the Queen that Snow White is the fairest in the land, the Queen calls for a huntsman to kill Snow White.  What the Queen doesn’t know is that the huntsman is a prince in disguise.  He sends Snow White into hiding where she finds seven dwarfs who take her in.  When the Queen learns she has been deceived she pulls out all the stops to see the demise of Snow White, but she underestimates the power of love.

snow white 2