The Arts

Trinitas supports a full arts program for its students, including drama, music, and art instruction. No education is complete without teaching students to mirror the creativity of God through the arts and to appreciate truth, beauty, and goodness wherever it is found.  Students participate in instruction in the arts with a classical approach and a distinctly Christ-centered worldview.


All students take art at Trinitas, in an effort to instill in them an appreciation for the beauty of God’s creation and to inspire them to imitate that beauty in their own work.  Students in kindergarten through sixth grade learn and explore the elements of art including line, texture, shape, color, and composition.  Fifth-grade students learn basic drawing skills.  Students in the seventh through ninth grade focus on applied, studio art, including painting, photography, and printmaking.  The older students also learn to critically discuss each other’s work.  For an extra fee, Trinitas students may take private art lessons from qualified instructors.

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Trinitas Christian School teaches music to students in kindergarten through sixth grade.  The teaching focuses on music appreciation, history, and theory.  The goal is to enable students to sight read by the end of the sixth grade.  Students in fourth through twelfth grades put those lessons into practice by participating in choir weekly.  In addition, Trinitas students also may take private lessons in violin, piano, woodwinds, and voice.


Students in grades 7-12 can join the Drama Club, which meets after school and performs a full-length play at the end of the year.