Each year a group of  Trinitas mothers volunteer to assist teachers organize classroom activities as well as general school events.


This school year we have had an amazing ensemble of ladies working diligently to ensure the smooth sailing of our field trips, feast days, Friday Food lunches, and other special events.  The Trinitas Family would like to thank the 2014-2015 Room Moms for their dedication and act of service to our community.  We appreciate and love you!

  • K5 – Christi McDonald
  • 1st – Emily Hazewinkle
  • 2nd – Shay Petersen
  • 3rd – Kari Dunham
  • 4th Ginger Myers
  • 5th – Cheri Hennessey
  • 6th – Lisa Zepp
  • 7th – Kristina Croley
  • 8th – Susan Gay
  • 9th – Jennifer Mendez
  • 10th – Edina Mann
  • 11th – Alison Ward
  • 12th – Amy Adler and Lisa Majors