Have you ever wondered what the study of rhetoric is?  Or why we study it? Ever engaged in honing his skills and imparting knowledge to others, our beloved rhetoric instructor, Mr. Joshua Butcher, answered these questions and more in his post on the CIRCE institute’s website.  In his closing, he explained:


josh-butcherStudying language, and in particular studying the art of persuasion, gives us a glimpse into the world-shaking and world-making possibilities that the subtlest shifts in meaning can make upon people’s understanding. The beauty of Plato’s Socratic critiques of sophistry continue to tempt men to make rhetoric a byword for flattery among many, and if students of the classics could rediscover something of the Apostles’ beautiful turn of term ekklesia, we might escape the malaise and “dumpsterfire” offerings that most contemporary Westerners consider to be the only political citizenship offered by the modern nation-state.