symphonyToday we have another student sonnet. This poem by Parker Gilley is a bit less whimsical than our last, taking on a more thought-provoking tone. Master Gilley invokes the image of his poem’s namesake in a powerful, imaginative way, allowing his use of language to transport his reader to something both sacred and ordinary at the same time. Enjoy!

The Symphony

With wand in hand the wizard raps his alter,

And flicks his wrist to initiate the psalm;

His acolytes, now set upon the psalter,

Begin to rend the crisp air which was calm.

Their tune now rises up into the aether

And rains choleric fire upon the dead;

Their ode now swells and stirs the wond’rous weather

And bursts in melancholy on their heads.

Their song traverses borders fixed by nations

And penetrates the darkness ‘round the earth;

Their notes return to old men animation

And steal away the pain of childbirth.

Their breath also drips to the Inferno

Yet they must not respond because they know.