art contest

Trinitas Christian School is proud to announce the winners of the student art contest.  Judged by a local art professor, the contest included original artwork created by over thirty-five students and completed either in class, in private art lessons, or as independent projects.  Winners were awarded ribbons during the Morning Meeting service and will be presented with various art supply sets as gifts.
Best in Show:    Wooden Sculpture of Bird, Lucas Benoit

Drawing Category, K5 – 6th Grade
1st –  Beware, Mekenzie Petersen
2nd – The Horse of the Sea, Mekenzie Petersen
3rd –  Sperm Whale, Madison Payne

Drawing Category, 7th – 12th Grade
1st – Wake Up, Josh Barnes
2nd – Forest Scene,  Sarah Fletcher
3rd – Sesto Elemento, Colby Gilley

Painting Category, K5 – 6th Grade
1st    Narwhal in Blue    Lilly Levasseur
2nd    Twilight Zone    Josh Gardner
3rd    Mr. Toucan    Abby Tenniswood

Painting Category, 7th – 12th Grade
1st – Black and White Flower, Lidia Dunayeva
2nd – Audrey,  Rachel Payne
3rd – White Dove in Gray, Jon Adler

Photography Category, 2nd – 6th Grade
1st – The Teacup,  Abby Hadding
2nd – The Rose, Abby Hadding
3rd – Puppy Love in Pictures, John Pasqualone

Photography Category, 7th – 12th Grade
1st – Make a Wish, Emily Hadding
2nd – 1992 Dodge Ram,  Hanna Pfeiffenthaler
3rd – In the Eye of the Spider, Kiera Woods

3D Category, 2nd – 6th Grade
1st – Wooden Sculpture of Bird, Lucus Benoit
2nd – The Trojan Horse, Carl Dunham
3rd – Ancient Pottery, Emma Pasqualone

3D Category, 7th – 12th Grade
1st – Adam, Leah Strickler
2nd – The Pear, Hanna Pfeiffenthaler
3rd – The Apple, Sarah Fletcher