The Trinitas family celebrated our 2012 graduation on Friday, May 25 with a class of five students who each completed over 160 hours of community service, 27 credits of coursework, written senior thesis, oral presentation, and an oral defense.  Graduates were Alice Stout, Andrew McCrabb, Blake Schroeder, Kanaan Trotter, and WinstonKimmel.  Pastors Rob Looper of McIlwain Presbyterian Church and Uriesou Brito of Providence Church presented the ceremonial homilies after which the attendees celebrated together at the alumni “ebenezer”.  Pastor Alan Stout gave the benediction, asking God’s blessing on the graduates.

During the Trinitas Honors and Awards ceremony held the day before, the graduating class challenged the Trinitas family to embody the four cardinal virtues from the medieval period which intrigued them during their 11th grade studies.  Specifically, they encouraged the students to strive for temperance, courage, justice, and prudence.

This graduating class was offered in excess of $365,000 in scholarships and accepted over $145,000 to continue their educations.   May God bless each on his continuing journey.