Because You Want More for Your Children…

Curriculum that creates perspective

  • Students that see the “big picture” by studying history, philosophy, literature, art, theology, Latin, Greek, logic and rhetoric, math, and science.
  • Every subject is integrated with Christian theology and philosophy as it is viewed from the perspective of Biblical Truth.
  • Students gain an exceptional grasp of English grammar and vocabulary as they study the foundational Western languages.

Structure that encourages personal diligence

  • Students thrive as they meet a higher standard of classroom behavior.
  • Homework and project work emphasize self-reliance and a love of discovery and learning.
  • A lifelong work ethic is encouraged at a young age.

Method that develops thinking, articulate students

  • Time-tested methods that have been staples in Western culture for 2300 years and in the Church since the second century.
  • Socratic teaching, discipline, debate, subject integration, and written and oral defense all provide the mental exercise to cultivate powerful minds.
  • An emphasis on cultivating wisdom rather than just teaching facts and skills.

An environment that challenges students and creates a love of learning

  • A tone of inspiration, fulfillment, joy, and respect are visible throughout.
  • Students cultivate an interest in first principles and ultimate principles.

Community that changes culture

To learn more about a distinctly classical and Christ-centered education, call Trinitas Christian School at (850) 484-3515 to schedule an appointment or a tour. To send an email, click the contact button above. We also recommend potential parents read The Lost Tools of Learning by Dorothy Sayers.